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Thursday 23rd September 2021

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Weekly Quiz Question

From Friday 3rd July 2020, we will post a quiz question with a local focus on our Facebook page every Friday morning, with the answer released that evening. As always we welcome your comments, thoughts and discussion on these posts.

We will also add each question and its answer on this page as a record of some interesting facts and information about our area.

Click on a question below to reveal its answer.

Which local agricultural show is the longest continuously running?

The Jeparit Show is the longest continually running in the Wimmera.

The first Jeparit show was held back in 1891, but the first under the A & P Society was four years later in 1895, with one held every year since, including being the only show held in the Wimmera in 1940.

This year was to have been the 125th consecutive annual event, the longest unbroken run of shows of any society in the Wimmera, but unfortunately it was announced last week that Jeparit’s 2020 show, like all others locally, has been cancelled.

Agricultural Shows have been a part of the social calendar in the Wimmera since the second half of the 1800s, and the last time many local shows were not held was eighty years ago due to financial pressures of the Great Depression, and the start of World War Two.

What product is advertised on the side of a shed at Arkona?

Cross Kerosene.

What are the names of the bride and groom in Jack Hibberd’s ‘Dimboola’?

The bride in Jack Hibberd’s ‘Dimboola’ is Maureen Delaney, and her groom is Morrie McAdam.

The play was first performed in 1969 and the movie came out in 1979.

Over the years the play has been performed over one thousand times, including a number of times here in Dimboola. The last time it was performed in its namesake town was 2011 – the 92nd and final showing by the Dimboola Performing Group. You can read about this in an article we ran at the time at https://read.dimboolacourier.com.au/742.

For which shire/s has Dimboola been the administrative centre?

The Shires of Lowan and Dimboola.

Dimboola was originally in the Shire of Wimmera from 1862, before becoming part of the Shire of Lowan in 1875. The first administrative centre for the Lowan Shire was Dimboola – based in what we now know as the ‘Old Shire Hall’, or library, officially opened in 1877.

In 1885 the Dimboola Shire was established in its own right. The administration of the Dimboola Shire moved to Jeparit in 1914, being more central given that the shire reached beyond Rainbow to the north.

When the Dimboola and the then Lowan Shire merged in 1995, the administrative centre moved to Nhill.

There’s a road somewhere in our region that is a Highway by name but is nothing more than a dirt road. What is the name of this road, and where would you find it?

There are two possible answers:

Amy Johnson Highway
The Amy Johnson Highway is a dirt road leading north from the Rainbow-Nhill Road, just west of Outlet Creek north of Lake Hindmarsh.

McDonald Highway
The McDonald Highway runs through the centre block of the Little Desert National Park, leading west from the Nhill-Harrow Road.

When Dimboola was gazetted and proclaimed in 1863, what name was the Post Office known by?

Nine Creeks

Although the new township proclaimed and gazetted in 1863 was named ‘Dimboola’, the Post Office still went under the name of the informal settlement that had been established some years earlier. It was 1869, six years later, that the Post Office changed to the Dimboola name.

When it began running in 1887, what was The Overland known as?

Intercolonial Express

When the Victorian Railways’ western line was extended to meet South Australia’s Serviceton line in 1887, the Intercolonial Express began running between Melbourne and Adelaide. The service was later known as the Adelaide Express before the Overland name was adopted in 1936.




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